A city hostel providing shelter for those in need and travelers on the go - A healthy cafe resourcing local foods and featuring international recipes - A world class music and arts studio, holding events, supporting local artists, and providing a space to create - A state of the art gym with fitness and sport trainers to keep your body healthy - A working space for group or individual projects providing free WIFI - A shop with art and books for sale to keep your mind healthy - and supporting important community benefit projects to keep your spirit healthy. 


We need a sustainable world - Because everything else is unsustainable. 

Free accommodation, work facilities, food and support for anyone sincerely trying to make the world a better place for all. We must support the creation of alternative enterprises to the existing systems in order to transition peaceful from a world dependent upon unsustainable practices to a world build on freedom and equality of opportunity for all. 

No human being should be able to overcome another on the basis of wealth or personal fortune. Each should have the ability to express themselves for the good of all. 


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London, United Kingdom &

San Francisco, CA 94158 USA

Will be expanding to other locations.

Tel: +1 530-416-2564


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  • Problems of Perception
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